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Affordable Health Insurance

Victory Health Insurance is happy to work with LPGA players and staff for their health insurance needs. Finding health insurances on your own can be be a frustrating experience. An experience that we try to make as easy as possible for you. Our services cost you nothing, we do not charge broker fees. Anything that you pay goes directly to the insurance companies for the coverage you choose.

What to expect

Initial Phone Call: It’s best to start things off with a phone conversation. This easily allows you to ask any questions you have. It also gives us the opportunity to quickly ask the questions necessary to provide you with a quality and relevant quote based on your needs and wants.

Quote: In most cases, we can provide the quote to you while we are on the initial phone call. We will discuss the recommendations and options you have for coverage that fits your needs. We go over the coverages with you, explaining how it works, and answering any questions you have.

Enroll: If you are ready to signed up on the first phone call, great! If you want to think about it, that’s understandable. Either way, when you are ready, we take care of the application process for you. We do need you on the phone while we do it because we will gather the rest of the info we need from you, there will be some additional questions (stuff you probably know off the top of your head), and we need to get payment information.

After Signing Up: Once you are a policy holder, you have several resources if you have questions in the future. You will have the member service departments with the insurance companies as well as us. Our honest advice doesn’t stop after you signup. If there is anything we can help with in the future, we are just a phone call or email away.