How to Buy Health Insurance

There are three ways to buy health insurance. You can buy health insurance on your own, go directly to an insurance company to purchase it, or you can buy through a broker. Believe it or not, the price of your coverage will be the same, no matter how you buy it. The price of health insurances are on file with each State’s insurance commissioner and can’t be changed, unless approved by the State commissioner. Some brokers charge a “broker fee” when you buy health insurance, but we do not.

Buy From a Health Insurance Broker

When you use a broker to buy health insurance, you are getting the help and expertise from an unbias third party. As long as you use a broker who doesn’t charge a broker fee, you will probably get a better value for your coverage. You get an expert to help you buy health insurance and make recommendations. We are a broker and we do not charge any extra fees.

Buy Health Insurance On Your Own

Trying to buy health insurance on your own can be a very frustrating experience. Be careful where you input your information online. Most of the time when you are entering your information online, it is some sort of marketing website that sells your information and you will get a lot of phone calls. Unless you are an experienced health insurance expert, it can be difficult knowing all your options and hard to sign up accurately without mistakes.

Buy Direct From Insurance Company

Going directly to an insurance company to buy health insurance might seem like it would save money because they aren’t paying a commission to a broker. However, the price for the same coverage/plan doesn’t change, the insurance company just pockets that extra money that would of been paid to a broker. You also work with an inhouse sales agent who is paid to sell that company. Unfortunately, you don’t get an unbias advisor to help you shop around.

Top 6 Tips for Buying Health Insurance

Buy Health Insurance Tips
  1. Use a Health Insurance Broker – using a broker like us to buy health insurance makes sure that you get the best value for your dollar at no additional cost. We shop the available health insurances in your area, give you advice based on your needs and wants, and take care of the enrollment process for you.
  2. Have a List of Doctors and Prescriptions – If you want to make sure you can see specific doctor and if you have prescriptions you want coverage for, having a list of them is very helping during the quoting process to make sure you get setup with the best health insurance policy for your needs.
  3. Have a Realistic Budget – No one wants to pay more than they need to when buying health insurance. There are often a lot of factors that go into the price of coverage and therefore it is different for everyone. If your budget is too low, your options are limited; we will still help and advise you the best we can.
  4. Best Honest and Forthcoming – With every client, we ask a series of questions to get to know you and what you are needing or wanting. The questions can vary depending on what the answers are. Being honest and providing information helps us help you in buying the best health insurance for your needs, wants, and budget.
  5. Listen and Ask Questions – If you are working with an expert like us, we are honestly trying to help you. We will discuss a lot of information and we want you to be in a better situation after you talk with us than you were before. Our advice comes from years of experience and we are always happy to answer questions to make sure you are comfortable.
  6. Don’t Trust Everything You Hear – You might see advertisements or talk with someone that mentions super low prices with great coverages. If it’s an advertisement, then its probably not accurate. If its a friend or relative, then that pricing and coverage is unique to them. Everyone’s situation is different and that can affect price and coverage’s available.