Best Health Insurance Companies

In the US, there are over 900 health insurance companies. More than 250 of those companies participate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Marketplace, Obamacare, etc). Some of these companies are better than others and some of their products are better than other products. We have access to hundreds of the best health insurance companies in the country. Below is our lists of the top health insurances that our clients frequently get.

Top 4 Health Insurance Carriers

Even though we have access to hundreds of health insurance carriers across the county, about 95% of our clients end up with one or more policies from these top 4 health insurance companies. What makes these health insurance carriers so popular? It’s a combination of availability, options, coverage, network, and price. There is some overlap of types of plans these companies offer, but depending on your situation there might be one that is better than another. Request a quote today to get expert help with plan options and getting setup with the best health insurance for you.

United Healthcare
National General

Other Top Health Insurance Companies

Every State and County has different health insurance companies and policies available. The top 4 insurance companies might be a great fit for a lot of people, but its possible another company would be a better fit for your needs. Below is a list of some other top health insurance companies that are popular with our clients.

American Amicable
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Bright Health
Common Ground
Florida Blue
Health Net
The IHC Group
Life Secure
Manhattan Life
Mutual of Omaha
Pivot Health
Priority Health