Affordable Health Insurances

There are three main categories of affordable health insurances. Limited Medical plans tend to be the lowest price. Major Medical plans tend to be the highest price. The prices for Short Term Medical plans tend to be in the middle. Affordability sometimes goes beyond just the monthly price. It’s important to consider how you plan on using the coverage when shopping for an affordable health insurance plan.

Lowest Price

Limited Medical Plans

As low as $79/month*


  • No Deductible
  • Any Doctor / Hospital
  • No Terms
  • PPO Network Discounts
  • No Network Requirements
  • Low Price based on Health


  • No Pre-existing Coverage
  • Fixed Coverage Limits
  • No Drug Coverage

Most Flexible

Short Term Medical Plans

As low as $84/month*


  • Flexible 1 Month to 3 Year Terms
  • High Coverage Maximums
  • National PPO Networks
  • Out-of-Network Benefits
  • Flexible Deductible Options
  • Low Price based on Health


  • No Pre-Existing Coverage
  • Coverage Limits
  • No Drug Coverage

Most Coverage

Major Medical Plans

As low as $193/month*


  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Maternity & Mental Health
  • Free Preventative Care
  • Income Based Tax Credits Available
  • No Coverage Limits
  • Drug Coverage


  • Highest Priced Plans
  • Limited Coverage Area
  • Smaller Networks of Doctors
  • Government / IRS Involved

Lowest Price Affordable Health Insurances

Limited Medical plans tend to be the lowest priced affordable health insurance option. They are often the lowest priced option because of the coverage limitations. There are often categorized as a Fixed Indemnity policy and they pay out flat fixed amounts for certain medical services. Because of the fixed benefit amounts, the financial risk for the insurance company is limited. Since the financial risk is low for the insurance company, they then pass that savings to you in the form of a lower monthly premium amount.

Most Flexible Affordable Health Insurances

Short Term Medical plans tend to be one of the most affordable and flexible health insurances. Don’t let the name fool you, short term plans can go as long as 3 years, which is actually longer than other plans. Their name comes from the ability to have a term as short as 1 month. STM’s are very popular for people who are healthy and people who travel a lot. Most plans are underwritten so your health makes them more affordable. They offer a traditional plan structure with copays and deductibles, and have coverage limits up to $5,00,000 per person.

Best Coverage Health Insurance Plans

Major Medical plans have the most comprehensive coverage out of all health insurances. Because of that, the price is of course the highest as well. However, the pricing on these plans can be influenced by your income, which can make them more affordable for some households. If you are needing coverage for pregnancy, mental health, or a pre-existing condition; these plans will be your only option. These policies do not have underwriting and the pre-existing condition coverage is guaranteed.

*Plan availability and pricing will vary, and is based on multiple factors. Not all plans are available in all areas.