Affordable Health Insurances

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Helpful Health Insurance Information

Understanding Health Insurances

Get a better understanding of how health insurance works and why its so important to have.. Learn the differences between health care and health insurance. Learn the structure of an affordable health insurance package.

What is the Affordable Care Act?

Learn about the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare, Marketplace, Exchange, etc). Discover the pros and cons of the ACA policies. Find out why the ACA health insurance law is both good and bad and why its so controversial.

How to Buy Health Insurances

Learn the three ways you can buy health insurance and which one is the best. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of how health insurance is purchased. Get expert tips on how to improved your buying experience.

Cheapest Health Insurance

Learn about the cheapest health insurance options and what needs to be considered when making a decision. Some policies are definitely the lowest priced health insurances available, but are they truly the cheapest for you?

Affordable Health Insurance

Learn more about what is affordable health insurance and what makes some insurances more affordable than others. Affordable health insurance looks differently to different people, everyone’s situation is unique to them.

Health Insurance Articles

  • What is Critical Illness Insurance?

    What is Critical Illness Insurance?

    Critical illness insurance is simply a policy that pays money directly to you in the event of a critical illness diagnosis. It’s kind of like life insurance, but more important. Instead of waiting till you die for it to pay the benefit, it pays while you are still alive so it helps pay for things … Read more

  • Accidental Insurance Coverage

    Accidental Insurance Coverage

    Accidental insurance coverage will help pay for your out of pocket costs related to accidental injuries. Accident plans are often referred to as deductible protection. These plans help cover your deductible and your maximum-out-of-pocket on your medical plan. A lot of medical plans have deductibles that are several thousand dollars per person and even have … Read more

  • Medicaid vs Medicare

    Medicaid vs Medicare

    What is the difference between Medicaid vs Medicare health insurances? Both of these terms are often confused and misused. But don’t worry, we will clear up the confusion of Medicare vs Medicaid. Here is a list of 10 differences in the Medicaid vs Medicare comparison. First, here is a quick description of each of these … Read more

Affordable Health Insurances

Major Medical

Major medical policies cover pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and preventative care, etc.

Short Term Medical

Short term medical policies are designed for 1 month to 3 years of coverage, often at a lower price.

Limited Medical

Limited medical plans are a lower cost alternative that helps cover some medical costs.

Group Health

Employer sponsored group health insurance provides benefits for the employees and their families.


Dental insurance helps lower your costs for your routine preventative care, basic and major services.


Accident plans help pay your out of pocket costs, like your deductible, when an accidental injury happens.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance provides you a large lump sum of cash in the event of a critical illness diagnosis.


hospitalization insurance plans help protect your personal finances if you are admitted to the hospital.


Life insurance is for your family, not for you. It protects their financial future in your untimely timely death.


Medicare supplement plans are essential in filling the gaps of coverage with Part A and B.